Corporate Stunt Shows

classic finhead features

Each Corporate Stunt Show features unique and exciting stunts and skills, for which Finhead is famous...

Captain Finhead's famous axe balance whilst juggling 3 knives

Axes & Knives

Finhead balancing a rose on his nose whilst playing violin and balancing on the rola bola

Combination Stunts

Finhead balancing a teaspoon on his nose during live performance


Finhead performing an extreme hand balance over bed of nails

Extreme Hand Balances

Finhead performing a handstand at a dinner event in Sydney

Unexpected Action

Finhead performing with the giant flaming candelabra for a live audience

Extreme Fire Artistry

Finhead can present a number of different shows ranging from two to twenty minutes. Style is usually humourous and performed to backing tracks, however because of his experience as a top level street performer, Finhead is completely at ease engaging his audience verbally.

Depending on requirements the show can include Object Balancing, from Teaspoons to Axes to Ladders and Furniture; death defying stunts like his unique Sword Tip to Knife Tip Balance on Rola Bola, Axe Sit-ups; Juggling Knives with Axe balanced on his chin; playing Violin while Balancing a Rose on his nose on Rola Bola; Hat Balancing; Hand Balancing on floor, canes or bench; Fire Juggling on floor and Rola Bola; Fire Poi and Fire Staff; Fire Eating and Body Flaming; Unicycling; and for the right budget, Fire Breathing.

Bed of Nails can be included... more info on the Bed of Nails Shows page.


You can choose the extremity of the performance... Not everyone wants to have their heart stopped, some just want it elevated!

Finhead's shows are always presented with wit, humour and style. 

Themed Shows

Finhead can custom theme his shows. Arabian Nights, Vampire, 1920's, Circus, Sideshow, Vaudeville & Variety.   

He has performed for cabaret nights, festivals, kids, nightclubs, TV, rock concerts and corporate events, as well as many prestigious special events. 

Shows with and without fire

Performances with no fire component are just as enthralling, and can be performed in fire free venues.