Corporate Show

Amazing stunts delivered with wit and verve.  Finhead will astound your guests with never before seen stunts and crazy actions.

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Corporate Show with Fire

Blast your night off with extreme fire performance and danger.

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Bed of Nails Show

Choose between a humorous rendition of a traditional sideshow act or a deadly serious show on a bed with 10 inch spikes and dry ice effects.

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Finhead's Main Message

Finhead amuses and amazes with unique skills and stunts that only he performs.

He is best known for his extraordinary combinations of skills such as balancing a rose on his nose while playing violin standing on a rola-bola, balancing a sword on the tip of a knife held in his teeth, fire eating, fire juggling, body burning and much more.

Finhead has won the admiration of audiences from corporate events, festivals and weddings.

The stunts and props are completely unique and unrepeatable, so you can be assured your audiences will be talking about what they saw for weeks.

Finhead invents and builds all his own props and strives to create stunts that have no precedence.

He's the man with the world's smallest wig which may explode in a shower of sparks, if you're lucky.

He can look mean and dangerous but is actually quite friendly!  He loves sorting stuff out and is awesome to do business with.

Finhead about to perform his teaspoon balance at an event

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